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Investment Analysis

We are hired for our knowledge and experience in recommending and monitoring investment options. It is our responsibility to help you maintain a process of selecting and deselecting funds for your plans investment line-up.


Investment Policy Statement (IPS)  Critically, the combination of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and the Investment Committee Charter (ICC) formally confirms the parties involved and the scientific process for investment selection and deselection. We assist in the development of an IPS. If the Plan has an existing IPS we assist in the Plan’s review of the existing IPS in determining whether the Plan’s investments are consistent with the goals set forth in its IPS and assist in identifying appropriate revisions to the IPS. We also assist with review of the investment objectives of the Plan to confirm they continue to meet the needs and objectives of the Plan and its IPS.

Investment Fund Line-Up  Each quarter we review with you a comprehensive analysis of the investment options and the Plan’s investment allocation and, when warranted, recommend possible change in investment option(s). We leverage technology which allows us to score and evaluate investments based on a number of criteria and data points. Low scored funds go onto a watch-list and we propose changes in an understandable and well documented format. Trustees and Investment Committees maintain discretion and control of the investment menu, and as Investment Advisor we accept fiduciary responsibility with Plan Sponsors under ERISA Section 3(21) and adhere to ERISA 404(a)’s duty to serve solely in the interest of plan participants. If the election is to make an investment change to best serve the Plan and its participants we maintain the documentation, process the transactions, and help you notify participants.

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