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Retirement Income Machine

Designing Your Retirement Income Machine

What got you here won’t get you there. When you move into retirement, your portfolio needs to change. The portfolio you built while saving for retirement has more risk than is usually appropriate for the one you need once you retire.

There are three elements to an effective retirement portfolio. We call them the Three Cogs in Your Retirement Income Machine.


A secure, liquid component is an important element to have a reserve if something unexpected comes up and to take advantage of opportunities that may arise.

Inflation Protection

This was the core of your growth portfolio. It is still important to have to offset rising costs (and the need for more income in the future) but it will be more conservative and a smaller portion of the portfolio.


In retirement, the largest gear in your machine is the one generating the income to replace your paycheck. It was a smaller portion of your growth portfolio, and it needs to be built a little differently to protect against the unique risks of income investments. You may want some of it in guaranteed vehicles.

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